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Reetu Utsav

9th October 2010





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'Musical Evening', as it's name implies, is a musical Group; it is a not for profit organization, we organize events to raise funds for Charity.

Founded in March 2007, we, a group of dedicated BayArea, California Music Lovers and mainly software professionals, help raise funds though organizing musical events.

These events also help promote Indian Music in Bay Area, California. Shows includes a variety of musical performances by Bay Area Local Talents from Hindustani classical, bhajan, folk, Rabindra Sangeet, Hindi semi-classical and Bollywood dhamaka songs...

We were also successful in organizing unique Fashion shows with Live music,which portrayed the Unique combination of Music, Dance and Fashions from Bengal, India and Bangladesh.

We have pursued promoting lot of Local Bay Area Talents through our endeavor.

Our main strength is a teamwork, hard work, love for music/ art and help motivating people through it.

Our motto, help people, save the planet for our kids and make the world a better place to live.